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Dogwood Animal Shelter Adoptions

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

The shelter is open to the public (canine and feline friends are eagerly awaiting for you!) However if you are looking to adopt a specific shelter dog, let the staff up front know and they will bring the dog out for a meet and greet! Scroll down for more information.


Adopting a pet

We invite you to scroll through the pictures of the shelter residents below.  Spot a potential friend and want to come for a meet & greet?  Click on the picture for the name and description of each 'hopeful' pet.  Fill out the application at the bottom of this page, and don't forget to add the name of the pet!  We will review your application and call you to set up an appointment for you to visit the shelter. 
A one-on-one meeting is a great way to see the real disposition of the animal without the influence of other excited dogs in neighboring kennels.  You are on your way to finding your forever friend!  See you soon!

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